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    Two far-off planets are likely made of water,according to NASA's research.They're "unlike any planets found in our solar system".
    The system they studied is called Kepler-138 because it's located within the field of vision of NASA's Kepler spacecraft.Researchers have known about the existence of three outer planets within the Kepler-138 system,but have only just discovered two of them are likely made out of water.
    They also discovered evidence for a fourth planet that hadn't been described before.But the finding isn't as clear as it might seem.The scientists didn't directly discover water at planets Kepler-138 c and Kepler-138 d.Instead,they compared the sizes and masses of the planets to models for comparison.When doing so,they found that "up to half of their volume (体积) should be made of materials that are lighter than rock,but heavier than hydrogen or helium(氦)"
    "We previously thought that planets that were a bit larger than Earth were big balls of metal and rock," said Bjorn Benneke,the study's co-author. "However,we have now shown that these two planets,Kepler-138 c and d,are quite different in nature and that a big part of their entire volume is likely made up of water."
    The high temperatures on these planets mean they might be enveloped in an atmosphere of steam,according to NASA."The temperature in Kepler-138 d's atmosphere is likely above the boiling point of water,and we expect a thick atmosphere made of steam on this planet," Bjorn said. "Only,under that steam atmosphere there could possibly be liquid water at high pressure."
    The "water worlds" are outside their star's habitable place—the area in which temperatures allow liquid water on the surface of a rocky planet,possibly supporting life.But the new planet described by the researchers,Kepler 138-e,does fall into that just-right area,according to the research.

(1)What does the author intend to do in Paragraph 2?

A.Add some background information.
B.Summarize the previous paragraphs.
C.Provide some advice for the readers.
D.Introduce a new topic for discussion.
(2)What do we know about Kepler-138 d from the text?

A.It is a little smaller than Earth.
B.It is heavier than a rock.
C.It is like a planet in the solar system.
D.It likely has high-pressure liquid water.
(3)Which of the following may exist life according to the text?

A.Kepler-138 c.
B.Kepler-138 d.
C.Kepler-138 e.
D.A fourth planet.
(4)How does the author support the theme of the text?

A.By using examples.
B.By stating study results.
C.By describing processes.
D.By making comparisons.
  • 1.    Chen Xingrong's favorite activity is hopping onto the swing and dangling around,set up by his father to help him learn how to swim without water.
        "When he is happy,he jumps on the swing and smiles from ear to ear," says Chen's father Chen Xunhu. "But he is a big boy now,and the swing has become a bit too small for him."
        Chen Xingrong,16,was diagnosed with autism when he was a baby.
        Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by varying degrees of impairment in communication skills and social interactions.
        In spite of all the hardships in life,Chen Xingrong managed to become an outstanding swimmer,thanks to relentless training and the love and support of his family and community members.
        Chen Xingrong could not utter a word until he was 2 years old.After being diagnosed with autism,his parents were worried.
        Chen Xunhu began traveling to big cities to learn more about autism.He quit his job and devoted his full attention to the topic of autism.
        In 2012,Chen Xunhu learned that swimming could help people with autism so he spent months learning how to swim by watching videos and reading books.
        "I spent three months teaching my son,but the efforts were in vain," he recalls.
        To his surprise,after another three months,he discovered that his son had developed the ability to control his breath under water,which significantly boosted his confidence.
        In October,the father took his son to participate in the 11th National Paralympic Games and the eighth Special Olympics.
        His son managed to claim five medals,including a gold.
        As well as swimming,learning basic life skills is also an important part of life for a teenager with autism.
        Chen Xunhu has made great efforts to make people in their community understand autism better.
        In 2010,an autism-themed film,titled Ocean Heaven,hit the big screen in China. It depicts how a terminally ill father attempts to teach his son the necessary life skills to live without him.
        Thereafter,Chen Xunhu organized about 500 people to watch the film together hoping the public to know more about autistic people
        Thanks to his father's perseverance,Chen Xingrong has learned to buy food in the market.He also does voluntary jobs at supermarkets and fast-food restaurants.
        "He is part of the community,and I hope he will live a wonderful life in the future."

    (1)What does the underlined word "It" stand for?

    A.an autism-themed film
    B.the big screen
    C.the big screen in China
    D.the ocean
    (2)According to the author,which of the following elements characterize autism?

    A.different degrees of communication skills
    B.impaired listening skills
    C.a lack of social interactions
    D.a neurodevelopmental disorder
    (3)What is the purpose of Paragraph 7?

    A.To show that autism was a severe disease.
    B.To show how tiring the healing process could be for the patients.
    C.To show how much the father loved his son.
    D.To show how the father cared about the topic of autism.
  • 2.Greg Dailey closed his picture frame store due to the coronavirus pandemic(冠状病毒大流行),and his second job of delivering newspapers became his primary source of income.
       Dailey's grocery trips began when one of his elderly customer asked him for a favor. "Mrs.Ross called me on Wednesday before my store shutting down and asked if I could throw the newspaper closer to her house." he tells Yahoo Life."A couple of days later,I was standing in a grocery,and I called her and asked if she needed anything from a grocery.She was astonished.Moments later,she called me back and asked if I wouldn't mind grabbing something from Mrs.Miller across the street."
       Soon,Dailey's 800 customers found a note he wrote tucked in with their newspaper,offering his help. "And the next day I just decided,'You know,what?If there are two people that live within a hundred feet of each other having issues getting the essential things they need.I'm going to put out a note,'"
       The words spread not only to his community but to surrounding ones.Since then,Dailey,with the help of his family,developed a system to keep track of the orders.To date,Dailey has made more than 600 trips to the grocery for his neighbors and delivered everything to their homes for free. "These last three months has changed my life...I get emotional because some of them have become really special to me." he says.
       Dailey reopened his frame store on June 15,and he promised to continue to help seniors not only with groceries but with anything else they need.He knows those he helps will remain a part of his life going forward.
       "It's moments like this,we need to step back and take a look in ourselves and realize that we can do more...and it's something I live by," Dailey says. "If you have the opportunity to do something nice for someone,just do it."

    (1)What favor did Mrs.Ross ask Dailey to do?

    A.Go across the street.
    B.Give things to Mrs.Miller.
    C.Do grocery shopping for her.
    D.Deliver the newspapers nearer to her house.
    (2)Why did Dailey put a note in the newspapers?

    A.To help nearby neighbors.
    B.To offer help to his customers.
    C.To give his customers essential things.
    D.To ask his customers to buy more newspapers.
    (3)What does the underlined word "something" in the last paragraph refer to?

    A.Dailey's offering of help.
    B.Dailey's frame store.
    C.Dailey's reflection.
    D.Dailey's emotion.
    (4)Which ward can best describe Dailey?

  • 3.阅读下面短文,在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。
        The French writer Annie Ernaux has been awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in literature.The 82- year- old writer is one of the most(1)
    (influence) female writers in contemporary French literary circles.
        Ernaux has written a number of celebrated novels,many of(2)
    a r e autobiographical.Her first book,Les armoires videos,was published in French in 1974.Her fourth work,La place (1983)or A Man's Place(1992),made her become famous worldwide.Many of Ernaux's works(3)
    (translate ) into English and have received worldwide praise.
        After decades of excavating(挖掘)(4)
    (she) own past in various works,Ernaux published The Years,which many critics saw as her defining statement.First(5)
    (publish) in 2008,The Years was an expansive look at the society that created her.(6)
    it was an examination of each year of her life from 1940 to 2006,Ernaux avoided any use of the pronoun "I" in favor of a(7)
    (broad)" we ",or sometimes " she ".
    (review) the 2018 English translation of The Years for The Los Angeles Review of Books,writer Azarin Sadegh compared reading it(9)
    digging through old family photos." The years have come and gone,and most of the(10)
    (moment) lived — captured only in photos and partly in memory—have vanished,"Sadegh writes.
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