William Thomson William Thomson was born on 26 June,1824 in Belfast.He was taught by his father,a professor of mathematics.In 1832,the family moved to Glasgow where Thomson attended university at the age of 10,then studied at Cambridge and Paris Universities.In 1846 he became professor of natural philosophy in Glasgow,a post he(1)
for more than 50 years.
    In Glasgow,Thomson(2)
the first physics laboratory in Britain.He was a pioneer in many different(3)
,particularly electromagnetism (电磁学) and thermodynamics (热力学).(4)
Faraday(法拉第),he was responsible for the introduction of the(5)
of an electromagnetic field where Thomson developed the work of the(6)
of the subject,Nicolas Carnot and James Joule.One of the most(7)
results of his work was his idea of an absolute zero of temperature — the scale based on this is named(8)
    Throughout his work Thomson's main goal was the practical use of science.He achieved(9)
through his work on submarine telegraphy,a major practical problem of the day.He was(10)
as a scientific adviser in the laying of the Atlantic telegraph cables in 1857-1858 and 1865-1866,for which he was knighted in 1866.His(11)
in marine issues also inspired him to develop a mariners' compass and(12)
a tide machine and depth-measuring equipment.He invented many electrical instruments and his house in Glasgow was the first to be(13)
by electric light.
    Thomson was raised to the noblemen with the(14)
of Baron Kelvin of Largs in 1892.The Kelvin was a small river that flowed near Glasgow University and he was president of the royal Society from 1890 to 1895.He died on 17 December,1907,in Ayrshire,Scotland and was(15)
in Westminster Abbey.

(1) A.sought B.confirmed C.admired D.held
(2) A.took up B.broke up C.set up D.blew up
(3) A.fields B.countries C.labs D.colleges
(4) A.In spite of B.Except for C.Together with D.Regardless of
(5) A.command B.condition C.contract D.concept
(6) A.learners B.pioneers C.competitors D.leaders
(7) A.important B.obvious C.fortunate D.positive
(8) A.for B.with C.after D.on
(9) A.wealth B.fame C.contribution D.enthusiasm
(10) A.considered B.attracted C.employed D.accused
(11) A.hobby B.desire C.success D.interest
(12) A.operate B.invent C.control D.produce
(13) A.lit B.built C.decorated D.equipped
(14) A.title B.name C.honor D.award
(15) A.preserved B.respected C.admitted D.buried
  • 1.Born in America,I spoke English,not Chinese,the language of my ancestors.When I was three,my parents flashed cards with Chinese(1)
    at my face,but I pushed them(2)
    .My mom believed I would learn(3)
    I was ready.But the(4)
    never came.
       On a Chinese New Year's Eve,my uncle spoke to me in Chinese,but all I could do was(5)
    at him,confused,scratching my head. "Still can't speak Chinese?" He(6)
    me, "You can't even buy a fish in Chinatown."
       "Hey,this is America,not China.I'll get some(7)
    with or without Chinese." I replied and turned to my mom for(8)
       "Remember to ask for fresh fish,Xin Xian Yu," she said,handing over a ﹩20 bill.I(9)
    the words,running downstairs into the streets of Chinatown.
       I found the fish stand surrounded in a sea of customers. "I'd like to(10)
    some fresh fish," I said to the fisherman.But he ignored (忽略) my English words and(11)
    to serve the next customer.The laugh of the people behind increased(12)
    their impatience.With every(13)
    ,the breath of the dragons on my back grew stronger — my blood boiling — forcing me to(14)
    . "Xian Sheng Yu,please." "Very Xian Sheng," I repeated.The crowd erupted into laughter.My face turned(15)
    and I ran back home(16)
    ,except for the ﹩20 bill I held tightly in my pocket.
       Should I laugh or cry?They're Chinese.I should feel right at(17)
    .Instead,I was the joke,a disgrace (丢脸) to the language.
       Sometimes,I laugh at my fish(18)
    ,but,in the end,the joke is on(19)
    .Every laugh is a culture(20)
    ;every laugh is my heritage (传统) fading away.

    (1) A.custom B.games C.characters(字) D.tradition
    (2) A.ahead B.around C.along D.aside
    (3) A.when B.before C.unless D.until
    (4) A.success B.study C.time D.attempt
    (5) A.aim B.joke C.nod D.stare
    (6) A.cared about B.laughed at C.argued with D.asked after
    (7) A.right now B.from now C.at times D.in time
    (8) A.decision B.permission(许可) C.information D.preparation
    (9) A.repeated B.reviewed C.spelled D.kept
    (10) A.sell B.buy C.borrow D.lend
    (11) A.guessed B.forgot C.took D.turned
    (12) A.by B.as C.with D.from
    (13) A.second B.effort C.desire D.movement
    (14) A.cry out B.make out C.run out D.give out
    (15) A.bright B.blank C.pale D.red
    (16) A.open-mouthed B.warm-hearted C.empty-handed D.broken-hearted
    (17) A.service B.home C.risk D.section
    (18) A.resource B.court C.challenge D.incident
    (19) A.it B.us C.me D.them
    (20) A.thrown B.lost C.recognized D.reflected
  • 2.    When I was in middle school,I was on a family vacation in Washington DC.I found there was a homeless man down the street.
        On our final day in the city,when my parents went for an evening walk,I went out of our hotel room and ran down the street to the homeless man.
        He looked at me,surely not expecting anything from a middle school girl.I asked him what he wanted to have for dinner.He replied "Bread and water".I ran into the store and bought a big bag of bread and a bottle of water.I ran back with a smile on my face and handed the bag and the bottle to him.His smile has been in my mind ever since.
        I came back to the hotel room and when my parents returned,my dad told me he had a story for me.He asked if I remembered the homeless man down the street from our hotel and I shyly nodded.He then told me a story.As they were returning from their walk,they saw the homeless man was sharing a bag full of food with other homeless people around.They were all smiling and laughing as they ate.
        I smiled at my dad but I have never told him to this day the other half of the story.Till today,I still haven't forgotten that man's smile but I wish I had the courage to do this more often.One small kind action can begin a ripple effect(连锁反应)of kindness.So please,share a smile and do something kind for the people in need.

    (1)Why did the author go to Washington DC?

    A.To visit her parents.
    B.To go on a vacation.
    C.To do some shopping.
    D.To meet with friends.
    (2)When the author went to see the homeless man,her parents
    A.were having a walk
    B.were staying in the hotel
    C.had gone back home
    D.were in a food store
    (3)It can be inferred from the passage that
    A.homeless men usually live a happy life
    B.the author's father was proud of her
    C.the author kept a secret to her parents
    D.the author was paid back by the homeless man
    (4)The story inspires the readers to
    A.help those in need
    B.seek for their dreams
    C.value what they have
    D.face difficulties bravely
  • 3.The Power of Determination The little country schoolhouse was heated by an old coal stove.A little boy came to school early each day to start the(1)
    and warm the room before his teacher and his classmates got there.
        One morning they(2)
    to find the schoolhouse burning.They dragged (拖) the little boy out of the building.He was almost dead.Then he was(3)
    taken to a nearby country hospital.
    told the boy's mother that since the lower part of his body was(5)
    burnt,he couldn't use his legs anymore.However,the(6)
    boy made up his mind that he would walk.Unluckily his thin legs(7)
    hung there,all but lifeless.
        Finally he returned home from the(8)
    .Every day his mother would press his little legs,but there was no feeling,no control,(9)
    .Yet his determination that he would walk was as(10)
    as ever.
    he wasn't in bed,he would sit in a wheelchair.One sunny day his mother wheeled him out into the yard to get some fresh(12)
    .This day,instead of(13)
    there,he threw himself from the chair and pulled himself across the grass,dragging his(14)
    behind him.
        He worked his way to the white fence (栅栏) around the yard.With great effort,he raised himself(15)
    on the fence.Then,he began dragging himself along the fence,he(16)
    that he would walk.He(17)
    to do this every day.There was nothing he(18)
    more than to develop life in those legs.
        In the end,through his determination he(19)
    .Gradually he began to walk to school,then to run to school,to run(20)
    the joy of running.Later in college he made the running team.
        Still later,this determined young man in Madison Square Garden,Dr.Glenn Cunningham,ran the world's fastest mile!

    (1) A.fire B.class C.game D.story
    (2) A.left B.waited C.arrived D.hid
    (3) A.clearly B.quickly C.suddenly D.nearly
    (4) A.teacher B.classmates C.doctor D.headmaster
    (5) A.slowly B.gradually C.hardly D.seriously
    (6) A.honest B.brave C.careful D.polite
    (7) A.just B.also C.once D.ever
    (8) A.school B.yard C.hospital D.square
    (9) A.everything B.anything C.something D.nothing
    (10) A.strong B.stubborn C.strange D.smart
    (11) A.Until B.When C.Because D.After
    (12) A.flowers B.water C.air D.fruit
    (13) A.jumping B.sitting C.sleeping D.standing
    (14) A.arms B.chair C.legs D.mother
    (15) A.aside B.over C.down D.up
    (16) A.believed B.doubted C.promised D.suggested
    (17) A.advised B.allowed C.refused D.started
    (18) A.afforded B.hated C.forgot D.wanted
    (19) A.set off B.got back C.stood up D.took away
    (20) A.to B.for C.from D.without
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