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Four Preschool Winter Stories Fox Versus Winter by Corey R.Tabor
    In this humorous book,Fox does not like winter.His friends hibernate (冬眠) and migrate,leaving him lonely.Fox gets an idea to make new friends out of snow,but they are not as much fun as his old friends.What's Fox to do?He decides to fight winter!Get ready to laugh as Fox gets a flame thrower and tries to melt winter.Winter fights back and Fox gets covered in snow.Just then,Rabbit appears.Rabbit teaches Fox to appreciate winter.
    The Mitten by Jan Brett
    One snowy day,the forest animals discover a mitten (连指手套) that a little boy dropped.One by one,the animals squeeze into the mitten to be cozy and warm.Amazingly,the mitten stretches to accommodate even a big bear!But when a little mouse tickles the bear's nose,the bear's huge sneeze sends all of the animals flying out of the mitten!The mitten flies through the air and the little boy catches his missing mitten and carries it home.
    Snow Day!by Candice Ransom
    This is a short,rhyming story about playing in the snow.School is canceled due to snow,so the children put on their winter clothes and head to play!They have a blast sledding and having a snowball fight.They come home cold and wet to warm up with some hot chocolate.
    A Loud Winter's Nap by Katy Hudson
    Tortoise is just trying to sleep his way through winter,but all of his animal friends are being too loud.Their excitement with winter activities keeps Tortoise from his sleep,who keeps trying to find the perfect nap spot.When Tortoise tries to use a sled (雪橇) as a bed,he accidentally takes off down the hill!Tortoise discovers that enjoying winter activities with his friends is a lot of fun!

(1)Who wrote the book in which Rabbit teaches Fox to enjoy winter?

A.Corey R.Tabor.
B.Jan Brett.
C.Candice Ransom.
D.Katy Hudson.
(2)Which book tells a brief and rhyming story?

A.Fox Versus Winter.
B.The Mitten.
C.Snow Day!
D.A Loud Winter's Nap.
(3)What do the four books have in common?

A.They are for preschoolers.
B.They tell stories of animals.
C.They are about snowball fight.
D.They introduce ways of hibernation.
  • 1.     We are pleased to announce the call for entries for Strokes of Genius by The Best of Drawing!Win prizes and publication by entering this exciting drawing competition,brought to you by Artists Network and Artists Magazine.
       How to Enter
       ★You need to create a free Submittable account in order to download the forms.
       ★Fill out the Entry Form.This information will be reproduced exactly as submitted if you are selected as a winner.
       ★Upload a single digital image.Once you have uploaded your image,you will see a payment due.
       There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit.You can save a draft of your work if you would like to finish filling out the form at a later date.
       The Submittable platform works best on Google Chrome,Firefox and Safari.Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not supported.
       Deadlines and Notification
       Super Early Bird Deadline:May 28,2023
       Entry Fee: $15 for Artists Network Members; $20 for nonmembers
       Early Bird Deadline:June 16,2023
       Entry Fee: $25 for Artists Network Members; $30 for nonmembers
       Final Deadline:August 20,2023
       Entry Fee: $35 for Artists Network Members; $40 for nonmembers
       The final deadline is August 20,2023 at 11:59 p.m.EST.Winners will be informed by email on or before September 20,2023.
       Prizes &;Awards
       First-Place Winner: $2,000 in cash
       Second-Place Winner:1,000 in cash
       Third-Place Winner: $500 in cash
       10 Honorable Mentions:50 ArtistsNetwork.com Gift Card
       Award winners will receive a free Artists Network Membership for 1 year ($99.99 value).Winning entries will be published in The Best of Drawing.

    (1)What is necessary to participate in the contest?

    A.Uploading a family photo.
    B.Setting up a bank account.
    C.Completing an entry form.
    D.Registering on Internet Explorer.
    (2)How can a participant pay the least entry fee?

    A.By submitting entries in person.
    B.By submitting entries in early May.
    C.By submitting entries as a professional.
    D.By submitting at least two entries.
    (3)What can each winner get?

    A.Cash prize and a free magazine.
    B.50 Artists Network.com Gift Card.
    C.One-year discounted membership.
    D.The publication of the winning entry.
  • 2.Four North Island Gardens Ayrlies (Private)
        Ayrlies is a seasonal garden in New Zealand,where the owner has been challenged to have some plant at its best every week of the year.
        Closed on Saturday except by arrangement;Closed on Sundays and public holidays.
        An admission fee of 20 cash is payable to any of the gardening team.Group guided tour has a fee of $150.We regret that no dogs or children under 12 years old can be admitted.There is also a nursery from which you can purchase plants.Please note that we are unable to accept either credit cards or EFTPOS.
        Address:125 Potts Rd,Whitford
        Butler Point (Private)
        Butler Point in New Zealand hosts a quiet garden which sits between the harbour (港口) edge and a bank of native bush.
        Open all year round by appointment only—charges apply (children free)
        Address:31 Marchant Road,HiHi,Mangonui
        Monto Garden (Private)
        Monto Garden in New Zealand surrounds the house and extends out across a lawn (草地) and planted terraces to a creek.Bold groupings of roses and palms frame the entrance to the house and a paved courtyard and pool area are contained by detailed plantings of palms.
        Open from September to May by appointment only,charges apply
        Address:182 Puketotara Rd,Kerikeri
        Kerikeri Mission Station (Public)
        Enjoy the beautiful surrounds featuring an array of heritage roses,a riverbank orchard,and English "cottage garden" flowerbeds that encircle New Zealand's oldest buildings,Kemp House and the Stone Store.
        Closed on Christmas Day Free for all,children and adults
        Address:246 Kerikeri Rd,Kerikeri

    (1)What can you do when visiting Ayrlies Garden?

    A.Bring along your pet dog.
    B.Pay with your credit card.
    C.Visit it on public holidays.
    D.Take your child aged 13 or over.
    (2)Where is Butler Point Garden?

    A.On Potts Road.
    B.On Marchant Road.
    C.On Puketotara Road.
    D.On Kerikeri Road.
    (3)What do the four spots have in common?

    A.They are free for children.
    B.They are near the harbour.
    C.They are open all year round.
    D.They are situated in New Zealand.
  • 3.Beer Worth Traveling For One could give to beer the higher status of a universal human truth.Think Irish Guinness or Japanese Sapporo,each culture has a beer all its own.But in recent years,smaller,more local craft breweries (啤酒厂) have been on the rise,necessitating globe-trotting to gain a taste of the regional takes on the classics.
        From well-established breweries in South Africa and California,to the growing markets in Southeast Asia,craft beer is worth travelling for.
        Szot Brewery
        A Californian and Chilean husband-and-wife team established this brewery outside Santiago in 2016.Their brewery serves freshly-made Italian pizza and has 14 draught lines,with beers inspired by wine,California style beer and even milkshakes.
        The Dancing Camel Brewery
        Tel Aviv,Israel
        Located in a converted grain storage facility dating from the 1930s and established in 2005,Dancing Camel is Israel's oldest microbrewery.Its beer features locally sourced ingredients and traditional recipes,such as the Olde Papa,which uses date,honey and is based on a recipe dating back to 4th century Babylonian times.
        Young Master Brewery
        Hong Kong SAR,China
        As one of the first craft breweries in Hong Kong,Young Master Ales has been a hot spot since 2013.In addition to classic pale ales (麦酒),they offer more unusual ones inspired by traditional HongKong flavors,like the Cha Chaan Teng Gose brewed with local salted lime(酸橙).Visitors can take brewery tours in either Cantonese or English.
        Young Henrys Brewery
        In the heart of the city,this brewery is all about the community,including reducing its environmental impact.Recently,Young Henrys Brewery added a brewery so regular customers can enjoy a glass of moonshine with their beer.

    (1)What do the Dancing Camel Brewery and the Young Master Brewery have in common?

    A.They can be travelled bilingually.
    B.They started life as grain storage place.
    C.They can not be run without lime.
    D.They offered beers with local characteristics.
    (2)Which brewery can be a good choice for environmentalists?

    A.Szot Brewery.
    B.Young Henrys Brewery.
    C.Young Master Brewery.
    D.The Dancing Camel Brewery.
    (3)Where does the text probably come from?

    A.A travel guidebook.
    B.A science magazine.
    C.A biology textbook.
    D.A wine advertisement.
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