When people think about British music,for the most part they think about the 60s or 70s with the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones or more modern artists like Adele or Ed Sheeran.However,stuck between these two ages was,in my opinion,British music's best period.The 90s were an optimistic time for Britain and indeed Europe,with the economy recovering from the lows of the 80s and the Cold War ending.
    One of the defining features of 90s music was the birth of"Britpop".This was a style of pop music that aimed to promote"Britishness"and commonly featured electric guitars,drums and male singers.Brit-pop was the style used by world-famous bands such as Oasis,Blur,Pulp and Suede who became known as "The Big Four".The summer of 1995 was dominated by the"Battle of Britpop"which was between Blur and Oasis for the number one spot.Eventually,Blur won the battle and Oasis settled for second.
    However,the 90s weren't only for the boys,with major female groups also finding fame,the most well-known of which were"the Spice Girls"who were extremely popular in Britain and around the world.Once again they promoted"Britishness" and had catchy melodies and lyrics,but they also started the"Girl Power" movement which helped empower girls and women worldwide.It isn't too far to assume that with-out their music,many female singers and artists who we love today would not have had the confidence to pursue their dream.
    British music may have had many great times,however the 90s are often overlooked.Although I was not alive to enjoy the music properly,the 90s had a huge impact on British culture that can be felt today and I feel that the decade should get the recognition it deserves!

(1)What can we infer from the first paragraph?

A.The Cold War came to an end in the 80s.
B.Adele is better than Ed Sheeran in modern music.
C.The Beatles represented the best British music.
D.Britain's economy began to pick up in the 90s.
(2)What is Paragraph 2 mainly about?

A.The Big Four.
D.Battle of Britpop.
(3)What's the most important influence of"the Spice Girls"according to the text?

A.Promoting "Britishness".
B.Empowering girls and women.
C.Creating catchy melodies.
D.Finding fame for female groups.
(4)What is the best title for the passage?

A.The 90s British Music.
B.Two Famous Bands.
C.The Importance of Music.
D.The Development of Pop Music.
  • 1.阅读下面材料,根据中文及相关提示翻译下列句子。
    Pilates(普拉提),yoga and running,whether in the gym or at home,get all the attention when it comes to popular ways to keep fit.(1)
    Certified fitness professional Jolynn Jaekel explains, "What I love about walking is that anyone can do it at any age and any fitness level.Besides,it is good for your heart,your head and your wallet.(2)
       Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California found that quick walking reduced the risk of heart disease more effectively than running.(3)
    (正是因为这个原因,一些有心脏病的人喜欢散步胜于跑步。) Scientists observed participants aged between 18 and 80 over a six-year period and found that walking reduced the risk of heart disease by 9.3%,while running reduced it by 4.5%.And there is better news:30 minutes of quick walking over five days could help people sleep easily,according to research by Oregon State University.(4)
    (你越早开始,你将会越早注意到散步对你的大脑和身体有巨大影响。) So,go out for your 30-minute walk in a nearby park or green space.
  • 2.根据短文内容,从短文后的七个选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。选项中有两项为多余选项。
    A Way Out of Social Anxiety:Volunteering and Acts of Kindness As a socially anxious introvert,I can attest(证明) to the benefits of serving others through volunteering in my community.
        A volunteer job doesn't need to require stepping into a busy room full of 100 people at a school or hospital. (1)
    This kind of work is much more suitable and agreeable for introverts.
    When I help elders or people with disabilities who are more isolated and lonelier than I am,I feel my nervousness and self-consciousness disappear.My social awkwardness loses its grip on me when I'm focused on helping someone else rather than myself or my social performance.Unlike showing up at a job interview,business meeting,or speaking engagement,working as a volunteer with people in need takes the spotlight away from being measured or judged. (3)

        Social scientists have an apt name for stressful social situations where we need to perform and would likely be judged or evaluated.The"social-evaluative threat"is particularly threatening for people with social anxiety as stress hormones rapidly increase.Any time we are in evaluative situations where we are judged by others,we face this social-evaluative threat and endure a sudden rush of stress hormones that increase anxiety. (4)
    Yet when we are in situations where we are offering casual acts of kindness or nurturing others we tend to feel less threatened or judged by others.Helping others and sharing simple acts of kindness does not pose such a social-evaluative threat,but instead,calms and soothes us.Neuroscientists have studied the warm glow of doing good that makes us feel good.
        "Kindness may help socially anxious people,"says Dr.Lynn Alden,a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia. (5)
    She found that acts of kindness may help to counter the socially anxious person's fear of negative evaluation by promoting more positive perceptions and expectations of how other people will respond.

    A.Some people are naturally reserved while others are rather outgoing.
    B.In social anxiety disorder,fear and anxiety lead to avoidance which can disrupt our life.
    C.Indeed,my own act of kindness has always been a sure bet to bring me out of my shell.
    D.Instead,my volunteer service consists of quiet one-on-one visits with isolated older adults.
    E.When I am giving my free time to help others,I feel truly liberated in my mission to serve.
    F.High-performance events such as public speaking or job interviews can be really unbearable.
    G.She and her colleagues conducted a study with 115 undergraduate students who had reported high levels of social anxiety.
  • 3.Soothe the Sunday Scaries Most of us look forward to the weekend as a time to relax,connect with friends and family,and deal with tasks from a to-do list that gets neglected during the workweek.But as the weekend comes to an end,many are missing out on Sunday Funday and instead experiencing an overwhelming sense of anxiety and even dread(恐惧) about the upcoming week.(1)
    Some people describe it as a heaviness they can feel in their body,while others feel so unsettled that they could jump out of their skin.
       Even though the Sunday scaries are common,they are manageable.Here's how experts say you can ease your end-of-weekend anxiety.
       Structure your Sunday. (2)
    You might still go through that sense of dread,but that feeling is harder to hold on to when you're engaging in something that makes you feel good.
       Don't forget to relax.If you're feeling more stress,it's important to make space for relaxing activities to ground yourself.Maybe a mid-afternoon shower or bath,maybe an engaging movie or show,whatever feels like a helpful distraction to reground from the scaries.
       Identify your anxiety sources.Try to figure out what's really causing you to dread the week.(3)
    Even if there's not a single reason behind your Sunday anxiety,organizing the stress into small parts can help make it all more manageable.
    Getting rid of the Sunday scaries isn't just about minimizing the gloom of the week ahead.Have something to look forward to.This gives you the opportunity to shift your thoughts to fun and will help improve your mood.
       End your Sunday with the right energy.Sunday night is a proper wind-down time.Maybe you want to journal,do a face mask,read a few pages of a good book.Do your best to honor this time and make Sunday night all about you.(5)

    A.Is it a deadline,meeting or presentation?
    B.Create some excitement for the week ahead.
    C.Prepare for anything that causes pain or discomfort.
    D.Experts have referred to this worry as Sunday scaries.
    E.Sunday scaries come from tiredness after a really busy weekend.
    F.Then you feel empowered and confident that you'll be ready for the next day.
    G.Instead of sitting on the couch and watching the clock,go to do something that you enjoy.
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