The Twenty-Dollar Bill When my mom and dad said that we could adopt a couple of kittens I jumped at the chance to have some soft,cuddly(柔软而令人想搂抱的) animals around the house.So off we went to the Humane Society where there were a lot of animals up for adoption.
    You just can't imagine how thrilled I was when we entered the Humane Society.The first thing I noticed was that there was not a lot of room for the animals and not a lot of supplies to care for them.Even though they didn't have much,the people who worked there cared about the animals more than anything,and they did their best for them.Still,it seemed that they had just barely enough food and medicine to keep the animals healthy.
    When we started looking around,I saw a lot of animals and fell in love with each of them.But my family and I finally settled on adopting two kittens and we named them Sox and Sierra.We went up to the front desk to sign the papers for them,and that's when I noticed a box on the counter.The Humane Society was hoping to get enough donations to buy more supplies for the animals and also build a new building to help even more abandoned animals.We finished up and took our new kittens home,where they were sure to get a lot of love.
    Later that day,my mom and I went shopping,and as we were walking through the parking lot at the store,I noticed a green piece of paper three spaces away from our car,It was kind of wet,but it looked like it could be a dollar bill,so I walked over and picked it up.Much to my surprise,it wasn't a dollar bill—it was a twenty-dollar bill!
    When I got home,I dried it off and thought about what to do with it.______
    The lady at the counter who seemed to recognize me smiled at us when we walked toward the donation box.______
  • 1.阅读下面材料,根据其内容和所给段落开头语续写两段,使之构成一篇完整的短文。
        I need to do something in my;community in order to complete the community service hours required to graduate from high school.Some of my friends had signed up to spend time at a soup kitchen,so I did,too.It seemed like a good thing to do.
        I thought that we would just be passing our dinners to those in need,but I found out we would be doing everything from preparing to serving the dinner.We began preparing the food,from mixing salad dressing to separating frozen meat.Much still needed to be done before dinner was served,but already outside the building serving dinner...
        As the line of people came toward me,I got a little scared.I'd come face to face with the homeless:How should I act?How would they treat me?Would they hate me for having more than they did?While some of the people looked very friendly,some of them looked so dangerous,I didn't have too much time to worry about it.I was assigned to serve the salad with the lady next to me.She smiled at me and said if I needed help,she'd be right there,which I found quite comforting.
        I had never seen so many people wanting food.They were of all ages and nationalities.Most of them wore making the best of the situation,smiling and joking.Some were better off than others,but they all needed a good meal and a warm place to eat.It saddened me to think of how many people there were who didn't have a place to.call home and the only food they got came from a soup kitchen..
    (1)续写词数应为150 左右;
        As they came in my direction,I put on my brightest and happiest smile.
        I was so happy that I had earned my service hours in this way.
  • 2.阅读下面材料,根据其内容和所给段落开头语续写两段,使之构成一篇完整的短文。
       My parents worked very hard at ensuring that everything seemed pleasant and carefree for me.I had a very peaceful childhood and I mostly ignored the fact that my elder sister was different.
       It was only at the age of ten that I started to notice the differences and became conscious of my social life and self-image that I had carefully developed.My sister,on the other hand,was socially awkward,as she had "Asperger Syndrome".She couldn't look at people in the eye.She would repeat the words she had just said under her breath.She,however,was academically (学业) capable,and therefore we attended the same primary school.Despite this,I never admitted in public that she was my sister.However,one incident changed how I viewed her.
       Before graduation,my sister and her classmates had to put on performances,whether in a group or individually.Due to her inability to work with others,my sister was the only one left to perform alone. "I'll sing," my sister told my parents confidently.Hearing that,I was completely shocked.How could my sister,who terribly feared social activities,sing in front of the school?I knew very well that she would embarrass herself and me as well. "No!" I shouted.My parents shot me a look.That was when I knew my sister was sure to perform and I was going to be part of the audience watching her.
       The day came.I sat in the hall,sweat on my forehead,waiting for the performances to start.The pupils went on and off stage group after group.Finally it was my sister's turn.The curtains parted and there appeared my sister.She blinked her eyes a couple of times before she opened her mouth.It took about a whole minute for her to stammer (结巴) her name and by that time,murmurs (私语) were heard in the audience.
       "Why is she taking so long?" people around me asked.I felt myself on pins and needles,wishing I were somewhere else.

    Finally,my sister was ready to sing.________
    I began to feel ashamed of doubting my sister's abilities._______
  • 3.阅读下面材料,根据其内容和所给段落开头语续写两段,使之构成一个完整的短文。
       "Thump!"I groaned in pain as blood oozed out of my wound.I tried to stand up but my right foot had turned in an awkward angle…
        It all happened at my school's sports day.
        "I am the fastest runner in the school;you guys don't stand a chance if you were to challenge me!"Jack boasted loudly to his classmates.
        "I don't think so,"I replied as anger washed over me.
        No one in school likes Jack.He likes to brag and looks down on people.
        "Oh,is that so?How about I challenge you in running three rounds of the track next week during recess(课间休息)?" Jack issued the challenge.
        "Fine!"I replied confidently as I knew I can prove Jack wrong.
        For the whole week,I trained really hard by running every day.I ran three times around the park and pushed myself to run faster than the round before.
        "I can do it.I can prove him wrong!"I cheered myself on my repeating these phrases over and over again.
        Finally,the day of the race arrived.My whole body was tensed in anticipation as I got ready for the race.Some of my classmates even sacrificed their twenty-five minutes of recess time to cheer me on.
        "Ready,get set…go!"I ran as fast as I could as my friends chanted my name.
        After the first round,I was neck to neck with Jack.
        "Come on!Just two more!" I thought as I gritted my teeth in determination.Adrenaline was coursing through my veins.Suddenly,I felt a stitch(肋部剧痛) in my side.
        "Yes,it's the final round!" I thought."Come on,you can do it!"
        I pushed myself to run faster.

    (1)续写词数应为 150 左右;
        Just then,Jack elbowed me and ran into my lane.
        "Hey you cheated!You sore loser!" my classmates shouted at Jack.
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