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    Steve,a twelve-year-old boy with alcoholic parents,was failing.Surprisingly,he could read.yet,in spite of his reading skills,Steve had been failing since the first grade.Steve was a big boy,yet,he went unnoticed until Miss White came.
    Miss White was a smiling,beautiful,young lady.For the first time in his young life.Steve couldn't take his eyes off his teacher;yet,still he failed.In the middle of the first term,the entire seventh grade was tested for basic skills.Steve hurried through his tests,and continued to dream of other things,as the day passed slowly.One day,Miss White's impatient voice broke into his daydreams."Steve!"Startled(吓了一跳),he turned to look at her."Pay attention!"She began to go over the test results."You all did pretty well,"she told the class,"except for one boy,and it breaks my heart to tell you this,but.."She hesitated,pinning Steve to his seat with a sharp stare. "The smartest boy in the seventh grade is failing my class!"
    After that,Steve still couldn't do his homework."Just try it,"Miss White said one day. "Steve!Please!I care about you!"Wow!Suddenly,Steve got it !Someone cared about him?Someone,so beautiful and perfect,cared about him?I Steve went home from school,thoughtful that afternoon and decided to work hard.
The following Monday,Steve arrived at school earlier than usual because Miss White would give a quiz on the weekend homework._______
    After Miss White checked Steve's test paper,she was in total shock!_______
  • 1.阅读下面材料,根据其内容和所给段落开头语续写两段,使之构成一篇完整的短文。
        Two months ago,my friend Lisa,Harry and I,planned to do something adventurous,so we decided to explore a deep cave in the outskirt of our city with some food,water,torches and most importantly our cell phones.But things were not going well.We could not find any vehicle to drop us there.At long last,we managed to find a taxi which took us to the outskirt of the city.Another evidence of bad luck was that Harry had left his cell phone at home.
        After we got out of the taxi,some of the locals told us the way to the cave.The cave looked very attractive yet still mysterious:the cave was so dark,and the tiny sounds made by the insects and animals could be heard properly,pulling us into the cave with some unknown supernatural power.As we were moving forward we made marks on the rocks along our path to remind us of the exit of the cave.And we always kept our mobiles in switch on mode to contact each other in case we got separated and even worse,lost in the cave.
        As we were moving forward,Harry felt that somebody was following our footsteps but he left his intuition to a joke.When we reached in the deep of the cave,we lost our way and gradually the fog spread everywhere and we were not able to see each other properly.All of us got very scared of what was happening around us.Suddenly,we noticed that Harry was not with us and then we vaguely heard a shout from the depth of the cave and we thought it was Harry,so we started searching for him.But our torches were left no use in such thick fog.
    Paragraph 1:
        So we groped our way towards the direction of the shout.___________.
    Paragraph 2:
        After we reunited with Harry,we tried to find the way out.___________.
  • 2.阅读下面材料、根据其内容和所给段落开头语续写两段,使之构成一篇完整的短文。
       When I arrived home from school.night was falling.A call came from the public:a bird of unknown species was being attacked by a group of noisy children in his front garden.He scared them off and grabbed their victim.I immediately called for my classmate Jack to the spot.
       We were standing in front of a stranger's house in an unfamiliar street,rescue box in hand.my head full of instructions to follow."The bird would be our first test as a volunteer wildlife rescuer!"Jack said excitedly.We had completed the two-day intensive training course the previous month and learned the basic skills of rescuing animals in various situations.
       But we were anxious,too.After all,it was the first lime for us to rescue a bird.Would I be able to transfer the bird neatly into my rescue box?Many worries flashed in my mind.Sensing my unease about the act ahead,Jack said,"These things are pretty easy to deal with!"
       I was wondering what kind of bird it was when a kind-looking man appeared and led us inside to see our very first patient.I lifted the edge of the shoe box very slightly to see an angry-looking bird standing to attention on very thin and long legs,together with a slice of banana and a small dish of water.He didn't know its true name but the folks called the creature Red Fan."It's eaten some banana,"said the man proudly.The poor soul seemed rather nervous,so l decided not to grab it by hand but just transfer the whole shoebox into my rescue box.
       Back home,we could only see some minor injuries in the left wing,but there was no blood on its feathers.Jack managed to treat the injuries with some iodophor(碘伏药水).We assessed its condition to find out if it was appropriate to release the bird the next day.How could we help it spend the night peacefully?We hadn't seen this species of bird before,let alone its habits.
    "Why not do a search on the Internet?"suggested Jack.

    The next day,we were glad to see the bird was well enough.
  • 3.阅读下面材料,根据其内容和所给段落开头语续写两段,使之构成一篇完整的短文。
       Pete Richards was the loneliest man in town on the day Jean Grace opened his door.Pete's shop had come down to him from his grandfather.The little front window was set out with several old-fashioned things.
        On one winter afternoon a child was standing there.With her forehead against the glass,she kept her eyes wide open and studied each thrown-out treasure,as if she were looking for something quite special.Finally,she straightened up with a satisfied air and entered the store.
        "Sir," she began, "would you please let me look at that string of blue beads (珠子) in the window?"
        "They're just perfect," the child continued,completely to herself. "Will you wrap (包装) them up pretty for me,please?" Pete looked at her carefully and said, "Are you buying these for someone?" The girl replied, "They're for my big sister.She takes care of me.You see,this will be the first Christmas since mother died.I've been looking for the most wonderful present for my sister."
        "How much money do you have?" asked Pete carefully.She untied the knots (结) in a handkerchief and poured out a handful of pennies on the counter. "I emptied my bank," she explained simply.Pete Richards looked at her thoughtfully.He could see the price tag (标签),but the little girl couldn't.
        "Just a minute," he said,and turned towards the back of the store.Over his shoulder he called, "What's your name?" He was very busy about something.
        "Jean Grace." When Pete turned to where Jean Grace waited,a package lay in his hand,wrapped in fresh red paper,which looked very beautiful. "Here you are," he said shortly. "Don't lose it on the way home." She smiled happily at him over her shoulder as she ran out of the door.Through the window he watched her go,while loneliness flooded his thoughts.

        10 days later,a young woman hurried in.
        Pete told her that it was a small girl whose name was Jean.
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