A moment of wild panic came over me as our aircraft prepared to descend(下降).Our decision to move to Australia in 1970 was a huge leap(跳跃)into the (1)
    My husband had come four months earlier,(2)
a well-paying job in his IT field,and setting up a home for our family.All the same,I was filled with (3)
when I joined him in Melbourne on that cold late-autumn night.
    My concerns were momentarily (4)
,of course,in the joy of being reunited as a family.
    Actually,after years of hard work,we had been living a very(5)
life in India.But we had to seriously (6)
our options.India's growing population threatened to limit the(7)
of university placements,job openings and housing for the next generation,our own children.Australia,on the other hand,was publicized as the land of opportunity.Why not take our (8)
?Then we examined the(9)
.The '70s was a time when the world was not the melting pot of cultures it is today.There was enough reason for massive doubt as to the wisdom of our move.
    I (10)
remember,as if it were yesterday,arriving at our new home on that bitterly cold night in May.Minutes after we put down our bags,the doorbell rang and there stood a parishioner(教区居民) from the local church that in y husband had(11)
.At that point I was too emotionally exhausted to exchange small talk with a total stranger.However,she wanted only long enough to (12)
a hot roast dinner for our first night in our new homeland.
    I can still feel the outpouring of(13)
surged (翻腾) through my inner being at that moment,her kind (14)
touching me greatly.I knew in that instant that my husband had (15)
us the perfect community in which to raise our family.
    From that day to this,we've never looked back.

(1) A.unexplored B.unspoken C.unknown D.unforgotten
(2) A.landing B.providing C.affording D.quitting
(3) A.thankfulness B.expectation C.worry D.thrill
(4) A.set aside B.brought about C.used up D.given away
(5) A.challenging B.comfortable C.dull D.dangerous
(6) A.weigh B.face C.declare D.share
(7) A.difficulty B.significance C.reliability D.availability
(8) A.risks B.chances C.steps D.savings
(9) A.solutions B.potentials C.consequences D.disadvantages
(10) A.temporarily B.suddenly C.vividly D.fondly
(11) A.joined B.spotted C.recommended D.constructed
(12) A.have B.prepare for C.order D.drop off
(13) A.pride B.warmth C.sorrow D.panic
(14) A.thought B.advice C.gesture D.warning
(15) A.returned B.found C.shown D.told
  • 1.    When I was 14,two years before I was old enough to get a driver's license,I saw an advertisement (广告) for a 1969 Honda CL90 motorbike.My mother was strict,and I knew if I asked,she would say no.I just had to do it.I sold my 10 speed bike,added that to the money I had made doing yard work,and bought the Honda for ﹩100 in Seaside,California,near where I grew up.
        I kept the motorbike hidden from my parents.If the bike broke,I had to know how to fix it on my own.That 90 cc Honda engine was as simple as an engine could be,and I learned what goes on inside it.
        I was always tall for my age,so even at 14,the motorbike was small for me.I was like a trained circus( 马戏团) bear on it.The motorbike only went 38 miles per hour,but I found that,if I changed the front sprocket(链轮),I could get it to 46.
        I would throw my leg over that thing and just ride,and I also learned how the world went around.That motorbike brought everything for me.
        The motorbike is important for another reason.Long before Honda cars appeared in the U.S.,Honda motorbikes were everywhere.These motorbikes introduced the Honda brand(品牌) to America.I have talked to so many people who said the Honda CL90 was the first motorbike they owned.
        Years later,I have a collection of classic (经典的) motorbikes and cars,and a job I love that is related to lots of classic motorbikes and cars.A little motorbike was the push behind all of that.

    (1)The author got his first Honda after

    A.he had saved ﹩100
    B.he got his driver's license
    C.his parents sold his old bike
    D.his mother agreed to buy one for him
    (2)What does the author think of his first Honda?

    A.It was very quick.
    B.It was too expensive.
    C.It was very easy for him to ride.
    D.It was hard to repair on his own.
    (3)What is so special about the Honda CL90?

    A.Its size is perfect for a 14 year-old.
    B.It was the first motorbike Honda made.
    C.Its engine is simpler than other motorbikes' engines.
    D.It was the first motorbike that many Americans owned.
    (4)Why does the author write this text?

    A.To introduce Honda motorbikes.
    B.To talk about his favorite hobby.
    C.To show his first Honda means a lot to him.
    D.To explain why he is skilled in riding motorbikes.
  • 2.阅读下面短文,从每题所给的A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
        My father was born in a small town in the US.He wasn't sure what he wanted from life,but something told him to(1)
    and begin a new adventure.
        He began that adventure traveling to cities in the US before going on to Australia,New Zealand and the Philippines.He took my mother and us three daughters with him and went wherever the road(2)
        It's easy to feel(3)
    when you're on the road.We made lots of new friends on our trip—most of them are mechanics,since we often(4)
    hours in repair shops.Although that was seemingly boring,that was a way much better than sitting by the roadside while waiting for the engine to(5)
    when it was 40℃ outside.
        Getting along well sometimes seemed(6)
    .There were always a lot of(7)
    ,especially among us backseat passengers about who had to sit in the middle.But even if it was hard,we learned a lot about(8)
    .When we were traveling in the Philippines,we drove to Quezon City one day.It should have been an hour's drive but was nearly three thanks to bad roads and(9)
    traffic. "Did you put our suitcases in the car?" my father asked my mother as we arrived there.From the back seat,we saw her(10)
    turn toward my father. "No," she said. "I thought you did." That was how a sevenhour car trip turned into a 16 hour one,which was mostly spent in(11)
        On occasions like that,we had to learn to let go of our anger because we were(12)
    in a rolling box with the same people for the rest of the journey.Even if I sometimes felt like opening the car door and(13)
    one of my sisters out,I kept my feelings to myself.
        This is why road trips were like social universities to us.We(14)
    our PHDs (博士学位) in how to get along with others just by traveling in our old car.If we were(15)
    given a second chance ,we would do it all over again.Only this time would I put the suitcases in the car myself.

    (1) A.give up B.struggle on C.get out D.walk around
    (2) A.took B.led C.served D.controlled
    (3) A.anxious B.upset C.helpless D.lonely
    (4) A.wasted B.worked C.enjoyed D.chatted
    (5) A.break down B.cool off C.clear up D.turn over
    (6) A.available B.various C.necessary D.impossible
    (7) A.arguments B.fights C.embarrassments D.amusements
    (8) A.honesty B.respect C.understanding D.commission
    (9) A.light B.thick C.local D.fast
    (10) A.suddenly B.sensitively C.calmly D.slowly
    (11) A.silence B.vain C.panic D.disappointment
    (12) A.buried B.crazy C.stuck D.impatient
    (13) A.dragging B.pushing C.helping D.sending
    (14) A.earned B.expected C.missed D.created
    (15) A.somewhere B.anytime C.somehow D.anyway
  • 3.In my opinion,my mother has the ability to do anything,especially chores such as ironing and cooking.However,teaching her how to use the Internet is as frustrating as untangling (解开) wires.
       Once,my mother came to me to ask for help on how to find a recipe for all-beef Lasagna.I gave her very simple verbal instructions—go to the home page of a particular search engine and type in "recipe for all-beef Lasagna." Fifteen minutes later,she came to me,telling me that she was unable to find the Internet icon.I went over to the computer and pointed out the icon to her.
       Another fifteen minutes went by when I felt a tap on my shoulder.This time,my mother said that she was unable to search for the particular recipe.Gritting (咬) my teeth,I walked to her room again.I saw that she had typed "all beef La saga" instead.With frustrated strokes,I keyed in the correct spelling.
       Yet another fifteen minutes went by again when my mother gingerly tapped my shoulder.I stormed next door without bothering to hide my frustration.The main page of the website had not shifted one bit.I then realized that she did not know how to scroll(滚动屏幕) down the page.What had initially seemed like an easy task was turning out to be an intense one.
       To avoid being disturbed again,I decided to find the recipe for her.Without a word,I rapidly downloaded a few recipes,printed them out and passed them to my mother.However,seeing her embarrassment,I began to regret my impatience.
       At that moment,memories flashed through my mind.When I was young,my mother endured my endless questions,enlightening me with much patience.Now that I am older,the roles slowly reverse.As my mother may increasingly need my help,shouldn't I rethink how to respond to her needs?

    (1)Why does the author gave her mother very simple instructions at first?

    A.Because she was an impatient person.
    B.Because she didn't want to be disturbed.
    C.Because she wanted to make them easy to follow.
    D.Because she thought it was an easy task to do.
    (2)How did the author's mother feel when she got the recipes?

    (3)Which of the following is probably the end of the story?

    A.The author becomes more willing to help her mother.
    B.The author's mother becomes more patient to her.
    C.The author's mother doesn't turn to her for help any more.
    D.The author learns more recipes with her mother.
    (4)What can be a suitable title for this text?

    A.It's never too old to learn.
    B.Action speaks louder than words.
    C.Patience is the mother of success.
    D.Understanding means standing in other's shoes.
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